Card games

We play a lot of games here. The kids have computers, and some of them have phones, and we have a WiiU, but they play an awful lot of card games. These are some of their favorites.

Love Letter – Gilbert got this for his birthday. A huge hit, and so fun. 9yo Gloria has no trouble playing it.

Timeline – We have several variants of this one. The Music and Cinema is really fun. Everyone who can read plays this, though some of them do terribly. The nice thing about it is the more you play, the better you get.

Exploding Kittens – So silly, and not as dark as it sounds. If you are not into cartoony violence, fart jokes, or laughing, stay away. 7 and up?

Set – Pure logic, and reading isn’t needed. It might be tricky for a little kid though. 7 and up.

Munchkin – Another silly one. There are dozens of variants, though we just have the classic set. It has a few PG-13 cards, but the gamplay itself is about 10 and up.

Werewolf – Needs more people than we have here, but Faith and Abby played it with a mess of teens at camp last summer and had a blast! Great party game, 12 and up?

Secret Hitler – Another one that needs more than our gang that was played to great amusement at camp. I mean, if you want to play a Bad Guy, this is the ultimate Bad Guy. Or take down the Ultimate Bad Guy! Definitely 12 and up.


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