Books for autistic little people

First and foremost, any autistic kid will love a book about their interests. If you know what that interest is, you can pop over to Amazon and browse away! If you don’t know, ask their parents. If they don’t know, or you don’t want to or can’t ask, the following books are generally well-received for the under 4-or-so set, especially nonverbal or minimally verbal kids. And, as always, these books are good for ANY kid, autistic or no.

Bright Baby First 100 Words, Large Format – I’ve bought this at least twice, because ours wore out. Clementine, age 3, (with severe autism) likes to put toys or objects on the pictures that match. Sometimes her idea of match is really unique – like a toy platypus on a goose! All the photos are the same size, which helps. We talk about these as we read.

Sandra Boynton board books – These are so fun. They tick many boxes for the little autist: they are a set, they are Different but the Same, they are clear, simple drawings, they have alphabets and numbers, they have daily activities, and they are so cute and funny. 10/10. Just love these.

My First Colors (Tabbed Board Books) – Another picture book, this one arranged by color instead of subject or topic. The tabs are interesting to talk about, and go to each color’s page from the front. This one is more visually complicated, with many photos on a white background.

Then we have books for older kids who won’t tear the pages out:

DK Eye Wonder and Eyewitness books – These are great subject-specific books that little kids can enjoy and older kids can really absorb. (The Eye Wonder series is for younger readers.)

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom – Autistic kids seem to love letters. At least, mine do. Hyperlexia runs in the family. This vibrantly colored silly story was re-enacted by Bede hundreds of times.

Nursery Rhyme Comics – Nursery rhymes in comic format, with fifty different artists! This one has been worn out at our house.

That’s all for now!

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