Supplements for Autism

We have rather a lot of autistic people in the hosue. At least five out of eleven, at last count. (So far the baby seems pretty neurotypical. -Ed) That means we try stuff out to see if it helps any of us feel better in our skin or communicate our thoughts easier, or sleep easier, and so on.

Right now we’re finding these two chemicals to be very helpful.

Melatonin – Bede takes 1 mg of melatonin nightly. Melatonin works the best for people who have trouble falling asleep, but not staying asleep. Before he started this, years ago, he would toss and turn until past 1AM. The melatonin lets his body slow down along with his mind. Clementine doesn’t take this nightly, but might need it about twice a month, and she takes 0.5 mg.

Sulforaphane – This is a new addition, since October 2017. Bede is taking 800 mcg of sulphoraphane, in two 400 mcg doses morning and night. He’s finding it easier to talk and to change gears, so to speak, especially if things are not going the way he expected. This chemical seems to have some of the same effects on the brain as a fever, which also helps Bede communicate and adjust to changes. This is the small study I read that showed the helpful effects. I have Bede on a pretty low dose, since there’s not much information yet.

None of the kids are on any prescribed medicines, so we don’t have to worry about interference. I am not a medical professional of any kind, and this does not constitute medical advice. Check with your own doctor or other medical professional for that!

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